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LaPerm Fanciers Champions World Wide

Reddazzle BC Sweet Tyler RW SGCA Reddazzle BC Sweet Tyler    
TICA - SGCA , back-to-back RW 2011-2012
#2 LaPerm Alter 2005-2006
#1 LaPerm Alter 2006-2007
CFA - Premier    
S*ÄgirsHus BC Nertus S*ÄgirsHus BC Nertus, LPL f 23 female    
FIFE International Champion      
NL*Takoda BC Mika NL*Takoda BC Mika, LPL d 09 23 male    
FIFE International Champion      
Arohanui BC Silver Edition of Indrio RW SGCA Arohanui BC Silver Edition of Indrio    
#2 LaPerm LH Kitten 2007-2008, #1 LaPerm Alter 2008-2009
CFA - Premier    
Frisson Archangel CH Frisson BC Archangel    
WNCA -"Meow on the Murray", Albury NSW Australia 24th May 2008
Supreme exhibit
COTY Best of breed L/H LaP erm (National) WNCA    
Arohanui[Aust] BC Silva Snugglepot CH Arohanui[Aust] BC Silva Snugglepot    
COTY Best of breed S/H LaPerm (National) WNCA      
RedDazzle BC MarkusDandi CH RedDazzle BC MarkusDandi    
CFA - Champion      
Frisson BC Zahtar CH Frisson BC Zahtar    
FASA Champion Premier
owned and shown by Zahtillo Cattery in South Australia
Frisson BC Arkon CH Frisson BC Arkon    
QFA GCH      
Frisson BC Gambit CH Frisson BC Gambit