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The LaPerm

The LaPerm coat is what makes the LaPerm different from other breeds of cats. The long hair grows to be about 2 1/2" in length, have a lovely ruff and angel wings around the ears. The short hair does not usually have a ruff, ringlets and the coat may be harsher than the longhair which is soft and airy.

The LaPerm is well suited to families with children or cat friendly dogs. Although as with any animal, children must treat them with respect, and toddlers must learn not to pull on their ringlets no matter how tempting it may be.

They are highly intelligent as well as energetic which at times can get them into trouble, but they are such con artists that its hard to stay angry with them for long as their clownish behavior is one of their most endearing features. They are inquisitive, loving and have a tendency to be in the middle of everything you are doing. Most of the time without invitation.

The LaPerm is very adept at using their paws to open things, One of ours takes great delight in opening doors (we have levers for handles) turning the lights on and off (we have rocker switches) and do various other creative things with his paws which reflects their highly intelligent and inquisitive nature. More often than not your LaPerm will pat your face to get your full attention or to wake you up in the morning.

LaPerms by nature are very loving and would rather be sitting in your lap when you are watching TV or involved in another activity that they can participate in. Whatever you are involved in you can be sure that your LaPerm will be just as involved in that activity as you are. They are as loving as they are active Even while you are sleeping you can rest assured that your LaPerm is right there with you participating in the 'sleep activity' as long as you are.

If LaPerms are properly socialized as kittens, they are very social whether out in public or when guests come to your home. As a show prospect they are used to being handled by various people so when you have to take the LaPerm to the vet it is just another new person they get to meet and take the vet visit as just another new adventure.

Wherever you go you'll always have a LaPerm either leading the way (usually straight to the cookie jar) or following you to see what possible new adventure waits for them when you get there.

Owning a LaPerm is a delightful experience whether for pet or show if you own one, it won't be long before you are getting another one. They are just like potato chips, you can't have just one.

WNCA Changes & Aditions to LP Standards

Now, officially published on the WNCAweb site!

Allowable Outcrosses: Domestic longhair or domestic shorthair only.

Added to both the La Perm and Skookum standards:- Any long legged kittens arising from the mating of a LaPerm & a Munchkin to be named a Skookum variant [or other preferred name], but NOT a LaPerm. Such cats shall not be allowed to be used in LaPerm breeding programs.

This means that the GCCF (UK) and CATZ inc. NZ are the only two who allow anything except a domestic to be used in the breeding program. The NZCF is the main register in NZ - CATZ is much smaller.