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The Red Baron of Indrio

Thank you for your interest, but at the present time, no adoptions are available.

LFI Rescue is a club sponsored re-homing service provided for LaPerms that have been abandoned at animal shelters, or taken from abusive homes.  Occasionally, LaPerms are turned over to Rescue because the owner can no longer keep the cat and the cat was acquired from a source to which it cannot be returned.

LFI Rescue volunteers foster these cats in their homes, where their health and temperament are evaluated. The cats will be assessed by a veterinarian and will also be spayed or neutered.  WE ARE IN NEED OF ADDITIONAL FOSTER HOMES!  If you are able to provide us with a foster home for a needy LaPerm, please contact us!

Laperms in Rescue

Prospective adopters are required to fill out a short application and go through an interview process. At the time of placement, the adoptee is required to sign a simple adoption contract. A $25.00 donation is requested at the time of placement. These donations are returned to the LaPerm Rescue Fund to provide medical care for future rescue cats & kittens.

In spite of the rarity of this cat, the need for rescue is on the rise. Responsible, loving homes are always needed. Want to know more about rescue? Please contact us!